Now that I think about it, I may be lucky to meet Hibiscus wubba lubba dub dub shirt. A warm, non-alcoholic son, no girl, no smoking. I do not need a handsome, rich or talented person, for me only one person who understands me, sympathizes and can share everything with each other, even though he or she is nothing but must now there is enough direction. I and I have known each other for a few months, then I go to the duty, to be more specific, this is an unexpected plan. Well, I missed it, considering this is a challenging time for both. I go to work every day, I call to talk about 10 minutes in the evening, so I can hardly say anything but the questions asked, so we decided to write things that have not been told in time, 3 times a week. This content belongs to niCefrogtees. So still ongoing from the moment he left. Every weekend I also run 60km to visit him. Many people say they are silly, why do they suffer themselves like this.

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