Why aren’t we raising money for insulin, Saint Bernard Sbvengers Avengers shirt and distributing it to those who need it ? I think a lot of people would contribute to something so life saving. Many of us know this too well. While some of us are fortunate enough to cover the cost, many, no, most families afflicted by the disease cannot afford it for long. I guess Trumps kids grandkids don’t need insulin. that is the only way he is so cheap and self centered you probably couldn’t get his wallet open. We could never go that. Require American business to pay into employees healthcare. That boat sailed in America a decade ago. We give our businesses huge tax cuts and their CEOs get gigantic bonuses. Employees get the short straw.

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I’m trying to be the life saver, helping when I can. Jack Russell Jrevengers Avengers shirt. We need to stop big pharma from robbing everyone blind. we make laws about so many things why not about how much they can charge for the medicines they sell. Of course trying to eat healthy helps but this goes far beyond just diet. It can be triggered by auto immune disorders pregnancy serious injuries or infections….anything that can effect the pancreas can cause Type 2. So no it’s not a preventable condition always. And there are many Type 2 that have to take insulin for various reasons.

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It breaks my heart to know that so many Americans are having Dalmatian Dalmatian Dalmatianvengers Avengers shirt and paying the bills vs. treating their illnesses . I’m a type 1 diabetic and I was forced to ration insulin for the better part of 10 years. I’m now 33 years old and have to be on disability for the rest of my life because the disease has wrecked nearly every part of my body. The pharmacies and the insurance game is figuratively and literally killing people suffering from diabetes.

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We all deserve equal access to doctors, to Joker fuck you love you shirt. We have the right to live, and in the modern world that includes the right to non biased, equal healthcare. Sadly, most doctors just prescribe medicine. I have reversed mine, but it takes dedication and following a doctor who knows how. Thankfully I researched and found DR. Jason Fung. I’m sure the companies that sell the drugs would not want the majority to know they can take control of their own health without meds! As a diabetic the coverage gap has put me in a state is shock for almost 10 years. I don’t know what will happen as it closes. It’s been a financial and emotional toll.

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No democrate, no republican any body else will help to reverse the Owl Owl Owlvengers Avengers shirt and not by what citizen need. Common sense is far from America capitalism just make money on every body. Our law makers and politician are the same. What action to do to return to a real democracy ? Like in France in the seventies vote outside the big parties. No democrate, no republican any body else will help to reverse the power to citizen and not big parties corporate driven by money and power and not by what citizen need. Drug companies are all obviously greedy. My wife’s cancer medication was a bit helpful and it had been created almost 25 years earlier and them when she needed it the cost was 10,000 dollars a month.

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Yes I say people with actual health problems should be helped with medical and Cat Catvengers Avengers shirt. The Last time I checked my daughter wants to live so why should she have to suffer. Young people in general don’t know their political strength. They can turn this country around. They have to understand their power and be involved politically. And I very much hope that that’s what the next generation does. Right now, when you have large numbers of young people all across this country who are saying to the leaders of this country, When we go to school we want to feel safe, that will have an impact.

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By the time election time rolls around you shouldn’t need to watch any debates or I know I fish like a girl try to keep up shirt. And if you have to…burn the Parties to the ground! We all need to support our young women and men. Tomorrow they will be in DC to voice theirs. I would like to see all of us help these young generation to have a full and prospours lives. I am quite confident that many young Americans are aiming for new goals, they have already shown their strength in the past demonstrations throughout the United States. A Democrat from Germany

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If we are to overcome the atrocities that have Weimaraner Weimaraner Wvengers Avengers shirt, have peaceful rallies to educate and wake up the sleeping ninety per cent of our citizens to stand firm for social justice, equality and the betterment of our society. Our kids are being tossed under the bus on many issues besides school safety. Our elected leaders seem to ignore their interests regarding not only on assault weapons, but on climate change and public school funding and higher ed costs. These kids speak power to truth better than anyone! I am disappointed in you, Senator. You chose to trust corporate democrats and later backed one. You did not choose the lesser evil.

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If elected officials who do not do the peoples will are removed and Snoopy and Charlie Brown watching black hole shirt, the wishes of the people instead of corporations will prevail. I have discovered that those making the horrible comments about the Parkland shooting along with calling Democrats names such as Communists and Socialists along with blaming Liberals is all coming from the III% militia members that say that they value the Constitution. It is unbelievable that we have a president of the United States who has so little respect for Americans that he lies to them constantly. In fact, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Opinion says that the President is “the worst perpetrator of false information” in the United States.

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Vincent Sable You’re right but the Dog Dogvengers Avengers shirt. The leftist liberals want nothing to do with the Venezuelan model. They’re not ignoring the fiscal crisis but are powerless because of the real danger here – the red conservative right. They’ve had control of the government for two years and in that time, they’ve increased the deficit by $1.9 trillion, made the US an unsafe place for women and minorities, lessened our standing in the world economy, insulted and damaged relationships with our allies while embraing the other violent despots like Un, Putin and the leader of Venezuela. This is the root of the problem… Rather than come together and work on solutions, people would rather point fingers and call names. We are divided and we are falling.

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I have yet to hear him say one truth. NASA the first capture of a black hole shirt. So he, imho, is the best of the worst. No one is better. We are becoming normalized to his lies. We have already become normalized to the murders he has incited of those at the synagogue and other killings. The grotesque lie to the troops at Christmas. We are becoming exactly what he expected. And who’s surprised? When you want to attack, put your enemy on the wrong foot by accusing them of all the shit you do yourself. They’ll be so busy defending their situation they won’t notice you doing the very thing you’ve accused them of!

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Liberals how be come the biggest problem we have ever faced in this country unless you are a Bichon Frise Bfvengers Avengers shirt but if you are a democrat in office you can do all kinds of bad things and they keep their damn mouth shut they are so two faced so sad and they are worthless. Why do we continue to tolerate this madness? If we have three separate but equal branches of government, why can’t the other two branches tear down the incompetent executive branch. In some way there must be some sort of mental health issue here, almost seems like reality is just a mental fabrication for him. It’s a little troubling if a serious problem arises and we are all dragged into this fantasy land instead of the real situation.

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I’m not sure how this works but Staffordshire Sbtvengers Avengers shirt. The middle class likely pays hand over fist but I know as a mental health group home counselor that none of my clients pay for their diabetes medications. So this must be targeted toward the middle class, at which point I think a thorough analysis of medical expenses for the middle class would be a start if it’s not been done already. I make just enough to where I’m paid about $200 too much to get straight Medicaid and my work insurance in mental health is out of this world expensive. If I did have diabetic expenses, it would likely be extremely expensive.

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