We can push on our end, but its going to be up hill all the Official Turtles are green ducks go quack we’re best friends because shirt. The Republican policy is to wait for a new president to pick a Supreme Court Justice. That way the American People get to decide who picks the Judges. Remember 2016? Dennis Goodson Of course you do. You’re both fascists and you both have the blood of the innocent dead in the Middle East and elsewhere on your repugnant bloody lips. Jones Wait till this fall when the American soybean market tanks and companies can’t buy steel and dairy farmers are dumping their milk. You really have zero clue as to how our economy works and you just support whoever lies to you the best. You don’t care about your neighbors happiness. Only that they are suffering and miserable like you, when you don’t agree with them.
Official Turtles are green ducks go quack we're best friends because Ladies tee