In the innocent memory of a That’s what I do I play golf I drink wine and I know things shirt, the image of a mother has never faded. Gone are the days when the mother was as pretty as a teenager, the whole village asked. Life frequency algae, sunbeams, and rain has robbed her youth. My mother is over forty years old. The sick father died early, the burden of the family weighed on his mother’s thin shoulders. Tall motherhood, fragile but resilient, before the storm of fate, the mother has never collapsed. Long hair, dotted with gray flowers, hugged the tiny oval face. Each gray hair on the head of the mother and the wrinkle at the corner of the eye are a testament to her sacrifice. Only at the age of forty, from mother has exuded enough hardship, hardship of life. But on that face, there was always the loving gaze and warm smile of Mom.

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I devoted all my love and care to my family and children That’s what I do I play golf I drink wine and I know things shirt. Although she went home late at night, despite being busy all day long, she never forgot to prepare warm meals, new clothes for her sisters and friends by friends. Each time the two children were ill, she stayed up all night without worrying about the fever that would hurt her sisters. My mother never asked me to study well, rank very high, but still consciously with me the night of unfinished homework and quietly hide tears of happiness when I achieve good results. Her mother is gentle and kind, always helping her neighbors, so everyone around her loves and admires her. Grandparents love and are proud of my mother very much.